Power lifting shoes JIRIKI JKP-#1 Ver.2


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Built with HyperV sole, this footgear is designed for unparalleled grip performance. HyperV is a patented rubber sole by Nisshin Rubber company in Japan, originally designed for use in safety shoes due its amazing ability to prevent falls and slips. Japanese powerlifters have favored HyperV shoes due to their superior grip. With the Jiriki, Nisshin Rubber has taken HyperV and developed a fully baked Powerlifting Shoe.

The new "JIRIKI JKP- # 1" uses a material that also improves the grip inside the shoe in order to further improve performance.



(1) The amazing grip performance.

(2)Thin outsole allows maximum force transmission between athlete and ground.

(3)Double strap that locks the foot into the shoe.

(4)Toe hold counter designed so that force does not escape to the outside during deadlift and bench press.

Can be used for all three powerlifting lifts: bench, squat and deadlift, or as a general training shoe.

The JIRIKI powerlifting series is a shoe developed to maximize the power of athletes who push the limits.


Jiriki powerlifting shoes do run on the narrow side. We do not recommend these shoes if you have wide feet.

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