HyperV® sole which has amazing grip
and one of most anti-slip ability in the world.

Ryuji Harada

Product development division

Amazing anti-slip rubber sole
which optimize your performance

"We should eradicate slip accident in workplace like factories and food industries." HyperV rubber sole was developed by the wish. The biggest feature is amazing grip not only on common floor but also floors covered by oil or water.The ability reached top class in the world and has anti-slip ability for all directions, and it will work only when taking weight. Now the shoes sole is used not only for safety-work shoes but also each sports.



this "HyperV" inovative rubber sole.

Originally this sole was developed for workers in factories, restaurant and high place work covered water and oil.


Anti-slip for all directions.

Special V shape made the amazing-grip possible for all direction vertical、horizontal、and diagonal.

The patented technological V shape was
developed by JIKA-TABI(Ninja shoes) manufacture.

The anti-slip ability of HyperV was realized by the shape structure. The idea was inspired by our Japanese traditional work shoes JIKA-TABI which has high grip ability and transmit your power directly. Repeat improvement over and over again in order to realize grip ability on water and oil and HyperV was completed after 10 years.


Anti-slip standard of Japanese safety shoes.
Class Coefficient of kinetic friction
1 0.05〜0.10
2 0.10〜0.15
3 0.15〜0.20
4 0.20〜0.30
5 0.30〜


The grip ability is 2.5 times higher than the common.

Hyper V sole cleared most high level5 ability which Japan safety work laboratory stipulate, and the ability is work even on the floors covered by water oil, and soap.

High quality sole
from Japan manufacture.

HyperV sole is operated by NISSHIN RUBBER from development to manufacturing. Our engineer teem develops the mixture of the rubber so we can keep producing high quality. Our laboratory can check not only grip ability but also durability and resistance to deterioration etc. Then we can supply high quality to the world.



Durability meets the need
from hard work place.

Photo shows HyperV sole which had used on aerial work.Only parts (bending and heel) which press steel frame are worn out. Ability of HyperV is highly admired by many users in high risky work place.

Original compound which is
developed by our engineers.

Amazing grip ability of HyperV sole was realized by synthesize many kings of materials and pattern of special V shape.



Smooth transition from static friction to kinetic friction.

Common rubber soles shoes have large fluctuation ( = slip ) when it transit from static friction to kinetic friction. HyperV sole has smooth fluctuation of friction curve.

Individual types
which applied Hyper V.

We developed not only shoes which has anti-slip ability on water. The representative is “HyperV studless sole”. It has high grip performance on ice and snow by its original compound and special staircase shape. It is made by only soft materials so never heart floors. The products is attachment type and you can use with many kind of shoes.

Kinya Oota

Sales division

For competitive foot gear
which made with players.

The point we cannot compromise in making JIRIKI is listen players needs and carry the development forward incorporating it. The best mechanical design and the point we should update. The improvements are over 10 times. The 1st model of JIRIKI is bike trial shoes which take 1 and half year from planning to complete. Now we continue to listing users voice in order to develop much more better model.

Bike trial shoesJIRIKI JKB-#1


Mechanical design which developed from zero
in order to improve the performance in bike trial.

JIRIKI bike trial shoes is Japan’s first specialized shoes which consolidate riders opinions to the detail. The asymmetry design protect ankle from crank and realized high mobility. The belt improves hold and risk of shoelace rolling in. For sole feeling sensitivity, the sole hardness and thickness is adjusted closely. High durability rubber textile is used for toe which most damaged. Breath well mesh upper.

Power lifting shoesJIRIKI JKP-#1


Thin shoe sole which transmit your power
directly and grab the floor.

JIRIKI power lifting shoes is Japan’s first specialized shoes for power lifters. The biggest feature is 7mm thin shoe sole which can feel grab the floor. It can transmit power directly to floor and support power lifters. Also the special design prevent position aberration of foot in shoes and power loss.