"JIRIKI" is footgear brand which has amazing grip.

Yoshiro Watanabe

JIRIKI management

Support players from their foot with unparalleled grip performance.

JIRIKI is footgear brand which support players from their foot with one of most anti-slip rubber sole "HyperV". Now we are producing footgear for bike trial and power lifting. We are managing from development to manufacture by our self. Because of the quality, many top player and world class ranker are using this footgear in order to maximize their power from their foot. Amazing grip shoes "JIRIKI" will realize the aspiration.

Specialized to various kinds of bike action, it is developed from new material, design, pattern.


Developed as maximizing power of challenger who push the envelope.The points are feeling like grab the floor and amazing grip.


Concentration of know-how cultivated in traditional Jika-Tabi and own patented material technology.

NISSHIN RUBBER CO.,LTD. (est 1932) is originally a safety, work shoes maker which started its history from Jika-Tabi in Okayama Japan.
All together we have focused on development of rubber material and with long time development, we own original technology and complete number of patented rubber like "HyperV". Know-how of Jika-Tabi which transmit power directory, and patented amazing grip rubber sole. These combination is the feature of JIRIKI.

Orijin of the name is from oriental thinking.

Originally, JIRIKI is a Buddhism word which means train myself and reach the peak.It is also the name of traditional our Jika-tabi and we use this name for this brand with respect for all players who train themself.

Listing players opinions and pursuing most high performance model.

The birth story of JIRIKI is encounter with a young world ranking bike trial rider.We found many riders of the game using our HyperV work shoes but there is no specialized shoes in Japan.In order to expand the possibility, specialized model development was started.
At that time we made sure hearing and monitoring with players. JIRIKI is footgear which maximize players performance develop with players.
In order to reflect many players opinions, we make ambassador shop system and make environment and we can up-date product.

Planning new foot gear with our amazing grip technology.

Now JIRIKI is planning to develop many kind of foot gear. We have "HyperV" which has super grip ability on slippery place covered by water,"HyoerV Studless sole" which has amazing anti-slip on the ice and snow.
We are sure that these technology will make a difference in fishing, surf, mountain torrent sight.