Shop information

Seller: JIRIKI Team(in Nisshin
Manager: Yoshiro Watanabe
TEL: +81-86-243-2456

About sale of products

【Necessary fee except for product price】
Delivery cost. Every delivery cost in case of size change.

【Payment method】
EC settlement. Credit card.

Generally 1 to 3days except for Japanese weekend and national holidays.

【Delivery method】
International courier service

【Return. Defectives. Oder cancellation.】
Except for defective products, every cost for example size changing, return, cancellation is cost on customer. Order cancellation or order change is acceptable in 3 hours after order.

・It is regarded that sales contract is concluded when seller send e-mail to customer that seller received customers order.

・Owner ship of the product regarded to be transfer to customer from seller when seller hand over the product to international courier service.

・In case of following, seller can cancel the order and sales contract without notice to customer.
1. Customers delivery address is out of service of international courier service.
2. Customer break this agreement.
3. Customer is absence long time or unrecognized address.
4. The other matters happen seller and customer trust relation ship i broken.